1. L-Acoustics - Variable Curvature Line Source

    L-Acoustics - Variable Curvature Line Source

    Perfect your understanding of line source behavior to optimize your mechanical design and use of electronic settings.

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  2. L-Acoustics - Loudspeaker System Calibration

    L-Acoustics - Loudspeaker System Calibration

    Develop a comprehensive approach to calibration in the entire workflow of a touring, rental, or fixed installation project.

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  3. L-Acoustics - System & Workflow

    L-Acoustics - System & Workflow

    Establish your role in the L-Acoustics ecosystem and align your practice with the latest tools and state-of-the-art workflow.

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  4. L-Acoustics - KARA II

    L-Acoustics - KARA II

    Recognize the standard configurations of the benchmark Kara II system and gain hands-on experience rigging and listening to them.

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