Avolites, a world leader in the innovation of visual control systems, has unveiled a major new release of its renowned lighting and integrated media control Titan software. Version 16 has two new main features developed to assist programmers and operators by providing fast access to the data they need. For more background information please check Avolites’ website: Avolites Announces the Release of New Titan v16.0 Software | Avolites

Avolites aims to give customers and users options to further the life of their product, even beyond the product support guarantee of 5 years, so they can acquire spares or repair damaged products. Software updates and support will also be given where possible, however, this is hardware age dependent. 

Due to hardware incompatibility, Avolites regrets that they are no longer able to support several products with the LV-67H hardware. They are:

  • Pearl Expert Pro (all serial numbers)
  • Tiger Touch Pro (all serial numbers)
  • Sapphire Touch (serial numbers 00001 – 00299)*
  • Tiger Touch II (se serial numbers 2001 – 3065)*
  • De TNP (Titan Net Processor) (serial numbers 00001 – 00136)*

*Note: for these products, an upgrade kit is available. The upgrade kit can only be executed by Avolites or Fairlight. Contact us through our contact form. The upgrade kit has a maximum of 1 year warranty.

What does this mean?

  • You can keep using the console with the current software or,
  • You can decide to choose to renew the console. Please contact us through our contact form.

For more information please look visit: Titan V16.0 and incompatible hardware versions | Avolites