1. Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam chooses Avolites

    Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam chooses Avolites

    One of the leading Stage and Event Technology courses in the Netherlands, known for its scale theatre, uses the Avolites Titan platform to familiarize students with lighting technology.
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  2. Top lighting for Topsporthal in MartiniPlaza

    Top lighting for Topsporthal in MartiniPlaza

    The beating heart of the north when it comes to top sports; that is the Middenhal of MartiniPlaza in Groningen.

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  3. Luminex - LumiCore

    Luminex - LumiCore

    Check out the possibilities of the new LumiCore from Luminex in our video.

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  4. Evolution Wireless Digital

    Evolution Wireless Digital

    Sennheiser is pleased to introduce Evolution Wireless Digital, a new product family with a unique value proposition and compelling form factor.
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  5. Portman Mantis

    Portman Mantis

    The new fixture introduces a completely new design and is a departure from the hexagons and retro style associated with the brand.
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  6. Titan v15 software

    Titan v15 software

    Avolites has announced the release of the latest version of its lighting software, Titan v15 which includes the highly-anticipated Timeline feature set.
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  7. i3TOUCH ES

    i3TOUCH ES

    The i3TOUCH ES makes easy visualization, interaction and collaboration an asset to everyone. We are delighted to introduce the new entry-level display with an excellent budget to performance ratio.

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  8. i3SIXTY Pro

    i3SIXTY Pro

    Request a demo with one of our experts and discover the high-end versatility of the i3SIXTY Pro.

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  9. i3TOUCH EX

    i3TOUCH EX

    The i3TOUCH EX delivers stunning performance with the best multi-touch, high-precision IR technology giving you a natural and precise writing experience.

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  10. Martin MAC Ultra

    Martin MAC Ultra

    Born from our largest engineering initiative in a decade, the new Martin MAC Ultra Performance and MAC Ultra Wash have raised the bar for extremely bright and compact lights.
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