Complete solutions for every audiovisual project

Fairlight has been the leading all-round supplier of audiovisual products at the highest level for more than thirty years. Our professional products and highly experienced specialists make us an ideal partner for any audiovisual project!

Adding value

In the field of audio, video, lighting, and control, we supply only A-brand products. The same goes for our cabling, power distribution, network solutions, consumables and mounting materials. With our solutions, we support theatres, TV studios and music venues, but also corporate installations, live events and architainment. We add value to every audiovisual project. We make beautiful things even more beautiful.


Collaboration is required to make your project a success. That’s why the staff of our project office is ready to serve you 24/7. Would you like to consult with us about the implementation of your project? Train your staff? Or take some of the engineering off your hands? Then we will. Your wish is our command!

Technical service

We’ll do all we can to achieve the best user experience. That means providing good service. Our technical department responds rapidly to any questions on the use of our products. And we ensure your equipment is always in top condition. If it’s not, then we immediately repair or replace the product concerned. The show must go on!


Need advice on your audiovisual project? Our product specialists are ready to help you. Due to their many years of experience and extensive knowledge, they can provide you with the right advice to strengthen your project.

Connect Experience Center

Discover the very latest, state-of-the-art technologies in light, sound, video and control. In the Connect Experience Center, all of these technologies are combined, resulting in a stunning immersive experience. In the education rooms we also share knowledge about the latest products.

The Connect Experience Center is the result of years of close cooperation with our suppliers and partners. After all, together we are stronger. Do you want to know more about our cooperation? Plan a meeting via:



A good sound system is indispensable for every audiovisual project. From ceiling speakers and line arrays to processors, mixing consoles, interfaces, cabling, amplifiers and microphones: we’ve got it all. Sound amplification combined with acoustics is a complex matter, but a joy to the ear when it works well.


It is impossible to imagine a life without video. The added value of moving images is still increasing dramatically. Resolution, distribution solutions, light integration, creative displays… they are all well known to us and we are happy to implement them for you.


We have become a leading supplier of premier lighting solutions, in particular for the entertainment branch. From mood lighting and moving light, to façade and creative LED solutions: no one can help you better than we can.


With ‘control’ we mean the driving technology for the integration of all audiovisual components, combined with your building management. This ranges from small to large. From controlling your stage to monitoring all components in a building’s system: we supply the right technique at the right moment.

Why choose us?

Choosing us, is choosing quality and security. As an all-round supplier, we can help you with the combination of products, solutions and expertise that is necessary to make your audiovisual project into a success.

In doing so, we are driven by a single goal: making your project even more beautiful. Want to find out about the options? Then we would be happy to discuss them with you!