RGBlink recently launched a mini video mixer, the RGBlink Mini. The video mixer can be used for both lives treaming and presentations. The video mixer has four HDMI inputs, which switched easily to the HDMI and USB 3.0 output. The RGBlink Mini includes many useful features such as Picture-in-Picture, transition effects and external audio embedding. Due to its small size, the RGBlink Mini is easy to carry.

Each HDMI input of the RGBlink Mini is resolution independent and will be automatically converted and scaled to the default resolution. This ensures smooth and glitch-free presentations. The RGBlink Mini is also the only mixer in its price range with a built-in preview screen. This gives you direct access to the settings and provides an overview of the various inputs.

The video mixer can be easily connected to a video source by tapping the source button in quick mode or via the T-Bar on the front panel. Additional functionalities can be accessed by using the app on smartphone or computer. It is also possible to connect via USB 3.0 to a laptop for capturing or streaming to almost any platform. For example, the streaming programs Capture or OBS can be used for this purpose. As an extra function the RGBlink Mini offers the possibility to add a Picture-in-Picture video as an overlay. Whether it is a close-up or other content, PIP allows videos to be played at the same time. Finally, the RGBlink Mini is provided with a large number of different transition effects.