LSC - LED-CV4 Dimmer
LSC - LED-CV4 Dimmer

LSC - LED-CV4 Dimmer

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LSC - LED-CV4 Dimmer

Controlling LED fixtures has always been fraught with problems when coupled with inadequate drivers. Low cost/low quality devices generally become the weakest link in a system design causing major problems for installations where reliability is essential. The LED-CV4 was developed to present the market with an affordable, professional-quality LED driver that excels with industry-best 16-bit dimming, providing stepless dimming across the entire range from 0% to 100%; even when controlled by an 8-bit DMX512 controller.

Each output is independently monitored for load and automatically shut down in the event of an overload, then self-resets when the fault is cleared – no more replacing fuses if there’s a problem. The LED-CV4 can output up to four channels x 5A with a 100% duty cycle, at either 12V or 24V, providing a significant cost saving where large amounts of LEDs are required.

Full device configuration and monitoring is available over Remote Device Management (RDM) and software updates can also be rolled out over RDM using the standard DMX cabling infrastructure. Control by LSC’s Houston-X will allow remote monitoring, configuration, fault reporting, system logging and auditing of the LED-CV4 on Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS tablets. Perfect for large scale installations.

Number of Channels: 4
Current per channel: 5A
Total Capacity: 20A
Variable frequency output: 1/2/3/4 kHz
Real Time monitoring of loads, accurate to 100mA, reportable via RDM or Houston: YES
No-load detection per output reportable via RDM or Houston: YES
Short-circuit protected with auto-reset: YES
8/16 bit mode: YES
Full softpatch: YES
Channel naming via RDM: YES
DMX Protocol: ANSI DMX512-A Standard E1.11:2008 (R2013)
RDM Protocol: ANSI RDM Standard E1.20:2010
Power and DMX Indicator LEDs: YES
Software Upgrade via RDM: YES
100% Duty Cycle: YES
DINrail-mounting: TS35
DMX512 Input: RJ45 + 3-pole push-fit terminals
Power Supply Requirements (not included): 9-24V DC (50W)
Power input connections: 2-pole push-fit terminals
Output connections: 6-pole push-fit terminals (2 x Common + 1 per channel)
Conformity: CE, RCM
Chassis Style: DINrail mount
Construction Style: High-strength, flame-retardant ABS plastic material
Physical Dimensions: 88mm (w) x 59mm (d) x 104mm (h)
Actual Weight: 0.16kg

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