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Martin - MAC Aura PXL

Martin - MAC Aura PXL

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Martin - MAC Aura PXL

The Martin MAC Aura PXL adds to the industry standard line of Martin wash lights with multi-lens and Aura backlight technology. Bigger and brighter than the MAC Aura, the PXL features significantly higher intensity and a tighter beam as well as a smaller face and less busy lens look compared to the MAC Quantum Wash. The MAC Aura PXLs bigger “bubbles” provide a more appealing look and beautiful wide wash fields.

It is also the first wash light in the market to feature individual pixel control for main beam pixels and Aura back light with full control via DMX, Art-Net and sACN, as well as with Martin´s very own creative P3 video protocol.

The compact size and low weight, trusted Martin build quality and feature set, and simple and clever setup and control options make the MAC Aura PXL ideal for rental customers and lighting designers working in concert/touring, TV shows and corporate, as well as customers supporting the high-end nightclub market.

From a tight, high intensity, narrow beam to beautiful wash fields, incorporated into a compact and lightweight package, the MAC Aura PXL suits every application.

The RGBW system delivers very vibrant colors with a brightness only expected from much larger fixtures. The calibrated color system excels on subtle pastels and white tones, making any MAC Aura PXL in the rig match the color point when they must.

With an all solid state color mixing system, instant color and intensity response, 19 individually controlled main beam pixels and 141 individually controlled Aura backlight pixels, the MAC Aura PXL is a great choice for pixel-mapping. The color palette can also be set to fully match the color space of any other P3-driven product in the rig, allowing the fixture to fit in seamlessly.

On top of DMX, Art-Net and sACN, the fixture can be controlled by Martin´s P3 protocol for setup and programming and allows a rig of fixtures to deliver cohesive content that blends together with video content on panels or creative LED products. You can even blend seamlessly between console and media input sources via the P3 mix channel.

With its sophisticated, low noise cooling system, the MAC Aura PXL is a true stealth operator, even in the most critical and noise sensitive environments.

The MAC Aura PXL accepts any industry standard input source. All of its features can be controlled via DMX-512, Art-Net, sACN and Martin´s very own P3 protocol. This allows for maximum versatility in any type of control environment.


  • Length: 232mm (9.1in.)
  • Width: 410mm (16.1 in.)
  • Height: 516mm (20.3in.) maximum 488.4mm (19.2in.) head straight up
  • Weight: 15.6kg (34.4lbs)


  • Beam color mixing: RGBW, independently variable 0 - 100%.
  • Pre-programmed effects: Two ranges of FX
  • Zoom: Motorized with 1:8 Zoom Ratio
  • Pan: 540°, coarse & fine control and speed
  • Tilt: 268°, coarse & fine control and speed
  • Position correction system: Absolute position monitoring
  • Aura Color mixing: RGB, independently variable 0-100%
  • Beam and Aura Color wheel: Virtual color wheel. Open, indexing, continuous rotation, random color. 36 pre-programmed solid colors
  • Beam and Aura Color temperature control: Variable 2000 - 10000 K
  • Beam and Aura Dimmer/shutter: 0 - 100% continuous electronic dimming, Choice of four dimming curves


  • Control options: DMX-512, Art-Net, sACN, P3, RDM
  • 16-bit control: Dimming, Pan and Tilt
  • Setting and addressing: Control panel with backlit LCD display and 4 buttons, RDM or P3
  • DMX channels: Compact Mode 17; Basic Mode 32; Extended Mode 89, Ludicrous Mode 512
  • Fixture Identification: User-settable ID number
  • DMX compliance: USITT DMX512-A
  • RDM compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20
  • Transceiver: Opto-isolated RS-485
  • Fixture software update: USB memory device or over DMX link


  • Zoom range: 1:8,
  • Light source: Main Beam LED: 19* 40W RGBW LED; Aura LED: 141*0.42W RGB LED
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index): >74
  • Minimum LED lifetime: 50000hours (to >80% luminous output)
  • Full beam angle at Half Peak: 5 – 40°
  • Full field angle at Tenth Peak: 7 – 55°
  • Max total Primary LED engine power:: approx.570W; Max total Aura LED engine power: approx. 60W


  • Light engine luminous output: 19000 lumens
  • Fixture luminous output:
  • Narrow beam: 11000 lumens
  • Medium beam: 12000 lumens
  • Wide beam: 13000 lumens
  • CQS (Color Quality Scale): 82
  • CCT: 6500 Kelvin
  • TM-30 Rf (IES TM-30-15 Fidelity Index): 79
  • TM-30 Rg (IES TM-30-15 Gamut Index): 115
  • TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index): 62
  • LED refresh rate : Beam LED 1200 Hz Aura LED 1200 Hz
  • Fixture Center intensity::
  • Narrow beam: 1 Million cd
  • Medium beam: 130 kcd
  • Wide beam: 30 kcd


  • Housing: High-impact flame-retardant thermoplastic
  • Color: Black
  • Protection rating: IP 20


  • Orientation: Any
  • Minimum distance to combustible materials: 0.2 m (8 in.)
  • Minimum distance to illuminated surfaces: 0.4 m (16 in.)
  • Installation mounting points: Two quarter-turn brackets for rigging


  • AC power input/output: Neutrik TRUE1 socket (accepts Neutrik TRUE1 NAC3FX-W connector or NAC3FX-M connector) 
  • DMX and RDM data in/out: 5-pin locking XLR
  • Ethernet data: Neutrik Ether Con in/out


  • AC power: 100-240V nominal, 50/60 Hz
  • Power supply unit: Auto-ranging electronic switch mode
  • Idle Power Consumption: 77 W (all effects static, zero light output)
  • Typical half-cycle RMS inrush current at 230 V, 50 Hz: 15.9A


  • Typical power data, calibrated mode, full intensity at 6500 K: 100 V, 60 Hz: 5.0A, 500 W, PF 0.99
  • 120 V, 60 Hz: 4.1A, 500W, PF 0.99
  • 208 V, 60 Hz: 2.4A, 500W, PF 0.97
  • 230 V, 50 Hz: 2.2 A, 500W, PF 0.97
  • 240 V, 50 Hz: 2.1A, 500 W, PF 0.97
    Measurements made at nominal voltage with all effects active & LEDs at full intensity. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%. PF = power factor.


  • Cooling: Forced air (temperature regulated, low noise, user-definable levels)
  • Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 40° C (104° F)
  • Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): 5° C (41° F)
  • Maximum surface temperature, steady state, at 40° C ambient: 53° C (128° F)
  • Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/- 10%): 1563 BTU/hr.


  • EU safety: EN 60598-2-17 (EN 60598-1), EN 62471, EN 62493
  • EU EMC: EN 55015; EN 55032; EN 55035; EN 61000-3-2,-3; EN 61547
  • US safety: UL 1573
  • US EMC: FCC Part 15 Class B
  • Canadian safety: CSA C22.2 No. 166
  • Canadian EMC: ICES-003 Class B, ICES-005 Class B
  • Global CB Certification/IECEE:
  • IEC 60598-2-17 (IEC 60598-1)


  • Two omega brackets with 1/4 turn fasteners for rigging clamp attachment
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