RGBlink - Tgo
RGBlink - Tgo

RGBlink - Tgo

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RGBlink - Tgo

T-go is a stand-a-lone controller providing preset control for a directly connected video processor. The interactive touch screen display shows live previews of available presets. Ideal for applications where a dedicated remote compact controller is required, T-go has four RJ45 LAN connections, enabling multi-source streaming from processors. An HDMI connection is provided for connection of an external display, T-go presets layouts are fully configurable with the controller able to be programmed with a XPOSE script file.

  •  Video controller
  •  8 inch Touch LCD screen
  •  HDMI 2.0 monitor output
  •  Support for USB peripheral devices
  •  4 Gigabit ethernet ports
  •  Preview streams of video processor sources
  • Custom button layouts


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