RGBlink - FLEX4ml
RGBlink - FLEX4ml

RGBlink - FLEX4ml

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RGBlink - FLEX4ml

FLEX 4ml supports up to 8 independently inputs, including 4K@60 signal process, HDBaseT signal long-distance transmission and normal 2K signals, like DVI, HDMI, SDI, USB .etc; 4 independent outputs and offer 4 DVI for backup. Integrated a series of video processing technologies for commercial display systems, and display control system. FLEX 4ML multi-layer roaming technology completely meets the requirements of 4K stage shows, hotel conferences, theater venues and other large projects with colorful multi-image on display.

  • Modular design, flexible input and output combination
  • Splicing display up to 8KK
  • PST/PGM seamless switching
  • Four active outputs and 4 duplicated outputs
  • 4 output support for 8 layers
  • Display management to control  each  independent display
  • Support for 4K@60 digital input  and customize EDID
  • Genlock on board
  • Control via XPOSE and RGBlink OpenAPI


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