Capture - Upgrade to 2023 Symphony Edition Capture - Upgrade to 2023 Symphony Edition Capture - Upgrade to 2023 Symphony Edition Capture - Upgrade to 2023 Symphony Edition
Capture - Upgrade to 2023 Symphony Edition

Capture - Upgrade to 2023 Symphony Edition

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Capture - Upgrade to 2023 Symphony Edition

Upgrade a previous Capture Symphony Edition to 2023.

Designing with Capture
Whether you're looking to create a simple 2D sketch or a full-blown 3D plot, Capture has you covered. Try as many fixtures as you need, at different hanging positions and with different gels or gobos. Adapt easily to any set design changes or sudden new restrictions. Do even more with Capture's impressive 3D model import capabilities and excellent integration with other lighting control and design products.

Documentation comes easy
Great plots and reports are only a click away in Capture! Design changes instantly update plots and reports, which saves you from having to redo any paperwork. Filter, gobo, focus and patching information appears automatically for all fixture types. With a high readability and a wide range of configuration options you have total control of your paperwork. You can also add some personalisation for that extra professional touch!

Visualise with brilliance
Bring lighting, media and motion into your visualisation. Our rendering engine's outstanding colour accuracy and amazing performance will impress you right away! With a complete library of lighting fixtures, trusses, LED panels and video projectors you have everything you need to make your ideas come to life. When your design is complete you can render it to high quality image and video files. You can also export Capture's unique, stand-alone, presentations which deliver full interactivity with your design.

Capture Edition Universes Local Video Streaming Video Laser Feeds
Solo 1 1 1 1
Duet 2 2 2 2
Quartet 4 4 4 4

  • Model file import formats:
    • glTF
    • DWG/DXF
    • MVR
    • Cinema 4D
    • SketchUp
    • OBJ
    • 3DS
  • Model file export formats:
    • DWG/DXF
    • glTF
    • MVR
  • Data file import formats:
    • CSV
    • CSV, ETC EOS flavour
  • Data file export formats:
    • CSV
    • XML for Hog
    • XML for grandMA 2
  • Video capture devices:
    • Any with Windows (Media Foundation) drivers
    • Any with macOS drivers
  • USB devices:
    • 3Dconnexion Space Mouse
  • Ethernet DMX protocols:
    • Art-Net
    • CITP
    • Compulite VC
    • High End Hog visualizer connectivity
    • ETC Net 2
    • MA-Net2 (Windows only, MA software version 2.9+)
    • MA-Net3 (grandMA3 viz-key)
    • sACN
  • USB DMX devices:
    • EntTec DMX USB Pro
    • EntTec DMX USB Pro Mk2
  • Streaming video media protocols:
    • NewTek NDI
    • Green Hippo HMap 3
  • Streaming laser media protocols:
    • LaserAnimation
    • Pangolin Beyond
  • Motion tracking protocols:
    • Blacktrax RTTrP
    • Kinesys K2
    • PosiStageNet
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