LSC - GenVI Dimmer GEN12/16T - Hardwired LSC - GenVI Dimmer GEN12/16T - Hardwired
LSC - GenVI Dimmer GEN12/16T - Hardwired

LSC - GenVI Dimmer GEN12/16T - Hardwired

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LSC - GenVI Dimmer GEN12/16T - Hardwired

GenVI Rackmount Dimmer 12Ch x 16A - RCBO, 19" 3RU, hardwired

Responding to the changing demands of the marketplace, LSC introduced GenVI Advanced Dimming and Power Distribution System. The GenVI represents the sixth generation of dimmers designed by LSC over our almost 40-year history. It was developed from our extensive experience and knowledge of today's complex lighting and power-control requirements.

Equally at home in the lighting, sound and video markets the GenVI Advanced Dimming System allows the user to configure any of its outputs in any combination, to be an 8-bit or 16-bit dimmer or a direct power relay channel (TruPower). This enables the GenVI to dim traditional lamps or power moving lights, LED fixtures, video screens or audio power amplifiers – in fact any situation where controlled power distribution is needed. It can also be permanently installed or remain portable.

The colour touchscreen offers the ability to set each channel individually, control the outputs locally and view any external fault conditions that may be present.

As well as having local and DMX control, GenVI is also RDM (Remote Device Management) enabled, allowing the user to change the DMX address of the unit and view any fault conditions including over-temperature and loss of phase or DMX signal from any RDM controller.

Each circuit on the GenVI is protected by an RCBO (combination MCB + 30mA RCD) rated at either 10A, 16A or 25A. Optional Neutral Disconnect MCBs can be provided where RCBOs are not desirable.

The GenVI Advanced Dimmer System offers a sophisticated rigger's control that can replay Scenes or Chases, each of which can be individually programmed in addition to a 'DMX loss' Scene that can be activated as an emergency backup on loss of a DMX signal. This emergency backup Scene can be programmed via the front-panel controls or via a snapshot of the DMX input signal.

TruPower dimmer and power distribution

RCBO circuit breaker per channel
Auto Power Mode – switches relay channels on when DMX is applied and off when DMX is no longer present

  • Dimmer channels can be 8-bit or 16-bit
  • RDM – Remote Device Management enabled
  • Operates on mains input voltages between 90V and 260V phase to Neutral
  • On-board Help screens
  • Visual alarms for Phase Fail, over-temperature and loss of DMX
  • PTFD (Pulse Transformer Fired Dimming)
  • Local rigger's control
  • Auto fan control (user defined)
  • Colour touchscreen with simple and intuitive navigation

GenVI is equally at home controlling any of the following loads:

  • Conventional filament lamps
  • Leading-edge dimmable LED globes
  • Moving lights
  • LED fixtures
  • Video walls
  • Audio systems
  • Special effects
  • Channels: 12
  • Max Load per Channel: 16 Amps
  • Thermal Magnetic Breakers: Yes 
  • RCD/GFI Protection: Yes 
  • RCD/GFI Current Trip: 30mA/Channel
  • DMX-512A Input with RDM Functionality: Yes 
  • Control Surface: 3.2" color LCD with touchscreen
  • Pre-heat (Min) and Top Set (Max) Levels per Channel: Yes 
  • Remote Monitoring and Control via RDM: Yes 
  • Auto Power Mode (switches relay channels On when DMX is applied and off when DMX is no longer present): Yes 
  • Dimmer Channels 8 bit or 16 bit: Yes 
  • Visual Alarms for Phase Fail, over-temperature and loss of DMX: Yes 
  • PTFD (Pulse Transformer Fired Dimming): Yes 
  • Local Rigger's Control: Yes 
  • Fan Control: Auto or user programmable speed
  • Colour Touchscreen with Simple and Intuitive Navigation: Yes 
  • Dimming Curves: 4
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0-40°C
  • Power Supply: Nominal 100-240V, 3-phase star with fully rated Neutral, 50-60Hz,
    (single-phase operation possible - 63A max.).operating range typically 90-260V, 45-65Hz,earthing system: TN-S.
  • Power Input Connection: Hardwired models are fitted with 5 screw terminals for input power - no cable. Australian and export models are fitted with a 3-phase 1.2m H07 rubber 5 core x 10mmsq cable with bare ends.



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