L-Acoustics - LA12X L-Acoustics - LA12X L-Acoustics - LA12X
L-Acoustics - LA12X

L-Acoustics - LA12X

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L-Acoustics - LA12X

The LA12X relies on a proprietary switch mode power supply (SMPS) equipped with a DSP-controlled PFC, capable of delivering 12,000 W regardless of mains voltages (from 240 V down to 100 V.)

The PFC offers high immunity to unstable mains and lowers typical power consump- tion by up to 40% for the same usage con- ditions i.e., more power is available to the output stages from a given circuit (16 A at 230 V mains, 30 A at 120 V mains).

In addition to the high raw RMS power ra- ting, the ability to deliver energy (power x hold time) yields the best performance from loudspeaker systems, especially in LF reproduction.

  • 12,000 W with record hold times
  • DSP controlled universial SMPS
  • Advanced Power Factor Correction
  • 4 x 4 acrchitecture for passive systems
  • Boosted DSP resources
  • AVB/TSN-ready
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