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Sound Projects - Gluon

Sound Projects - Gluon

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Sound Projects - Gluon

This compact installation speaker holds a 1” silk dome HF driver loaded by a horn with uniform horizontal and vertical dispersion. The horn is optimally shaped to match a frontloaded 6,5” driver. Energy distribution is optimized by carefully matched 24 dB per octave filters build of air coils and MKP capacitors. The Gluon has a power handling of 80W RMS at 8 ohm and a maximum peak SPL of 115dB at 1m with a 45Hz-20kHz frequency range. The system has a coverage angle of 90 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical with a uniform smooth roll-off.

The cabinet is constructed with a highly durable polymer strengthened by internal ribs. The total weight is 3.5 kg only. The Gluon comes with an NL-4 audio in and output connector with dual channel A/B switch selector, so it can be installed efficiently.

The system can be powered externally with up to 4 cabinets per channel, i.e. 8 cabinets on a stereo amplifier.

Acoustical specifications

  • Drivers: 1 x 1", 1 x 6,5"
  • Freq. Reponse: 45Hz - 20kHz
  • Max. peak SPL @ 1m: 115dB (Peak level at 1M under half space conditions using pink noise with crest factor 4 (12dB))
  • Coverage angle: 90H, 60V deg. soft roll-off

Electrical specifications

  • Crossover: 24 dB/oct
  • Power handling (RMS): 80W @ 8 ohm
  • AMP Power (recom.): 160W @ 8 ohm

Additional descriptive data

  • Cabinet construction: Highly durable polymer
  • Finish: Black coating - white version also available
  • Weight (in KG): 3,5
  • Width (in mm): 210
  • Height (in mm): 300
  • Depth (in mm): 195
  • Rigging points: 4 fixing points M6 Mounting bracket (included)
  • Audio connectors: Switchable 2 channel NL4 (in/out)
  • Max operating temp.: -10 to 40 C ambient
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