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Lightform - LFC Kit
Aurora - DXB-8i-B - 8-button backlit IP controller

Aurora - DXB-8i-B - 8-button backlit IP controller

Aurora - TAVIS  TAV-10 -  10.1'' - Temperature Sensing Tablet

Aurora - TAVIS TAV-10 - 10.1'' - Temperature Sensing Tablet

Lightform - LFC Kit

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Lightform - LFC Kit


  • Lightform Compute (LFC)
  • Logitech Brio 4K Camera
  • Camera & Computer Mounts
  • Lightform Creator perpetual license
  • Power, HDMI, USB-C Cables
  • 3 base sets

Create epic AR visuals in seconds. Great for events, retail displays & art installations. Create real-life projected augmented reality experiences with Lightform. Just add your projector to go big. The LFC Kit includes a versatile mounting system that will fit all kinds of setups. Mount LFC to the projector, drop pole, ceiling, or whatever fits your unique configuration.

Use LFC with almost any normal or short throw projector.

Support For:

  • Throw Ratio: 0.5 – 2.0
  • Any distance: 1ft – infinity
  • Any brightness: 1000-100K lumens
  • Maximum output WUXGA (1920 x 1200) (4K projectors supported with upscaling)

Lightform Creator 

Lightform’s structured light scan contains a depth estimate map that makes Creator’s raster selection tools (magic wand and quick select) even smarter. Import video, corner-pin, mesh warp, and all the regular tools you’d expect from a projection mapping software. Lightform Creator’s “Structure” engine makes warping your existing assets a breeze.

Lightform’s unique approach to selection and surface creation utilizes familiar raster (pixel) tools but converts them into usable paths. You can interactively control the accuracy of path creation, and manipulate the points afterwards for further customization. It’s the truly best of both worlds! Many of Lightform Creator’s effects utilize the depth estimate map, allowing for compelling 3D illusions such as moving virtual lights and shadows. Import your own images and videos, or use our library of built-in effects. Lightform Creator’s “Structure” engine makes warping your existing assets a breeze.

Robust fanless design, perfect for permanent installation

  • Processor: Intel Gemini Lake N4000
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • Storage: 32 Gb eMMC
  • WiFi: 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz
  • LAN: 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • Power: 12Vdc / 3.0A (36W) supplied by external power adapter
  • Max output: 1920×1200 (1 Projector)
  • Size: 11,6 x 11,6 x 3,3cm 
  • Weight: 0,3kg

Computer Requirements
We are actively developing and testing our software on various machines and operating systems. Below you can find our current recommendations. Updated June 1, 2020. 

  • OS: MacOS 10.13+ or Windows 10
  • CPU: 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor*
  • Graphics: Most GPUs supporting OpenGL 4.1+
  • RAM: 8 GB of RAM minimum (16 GB+ recommended)
  • Disk space: 1 GB of free disk space for install
  • Network Access: Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connection

Wi-Fi Network Requirements
Please make sure you are using a supported network type. If you are unable to meet these Wi-Fi requirements, you will need to connect your Lightform device to your router via an Ethernet cable or take the device somewhere with a supported Wi-Fi network to get started.

Supported Network Types:

  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks (On LF1, 5GHz is not supported (must use 2.4GHz))
  • WPA/WPA2 Personal networks, WEP, Unsecured 

Unsupported Network Types:

  • WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
  • Captive Portal: Networks like you find at airports, hotels, coffee shops, or corporate/university networks that use 802.11x i.e. "xfinitywifi". On these networks, you are asked to sign in on a web page, before you can connect.

Projector Compatibility

The LFC is designed to work with most projectors. Once you connect your LFC, it automatically detects and calibrates to your projector during the scan process. 

  • Max resolution: 1920x1200@60hz*
  • Throw Ratio: 0.5-2.0 
  • HDMI input: Yes
  • Brightness: Any brightness (depending on ambient light). If LFC can see the projected image and the projection is in focus, then it can perform a scan.

*The output signal of the LFC is limited to 1920x1200 but it works with projectors whose resolution is greater than that (e.g., 4K). For projectors with resolution greater than 1920x1200, the projector will automatically upscale the signal from the Lightform device to match the native resolution of the projector. To look up your projector's specs, including throw ratio, see projector central's search page. Lightform does not support resolutions @120hz. 

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